18 Steps To A Successful Facebook Business Page.

For many administrative professionals social media is becoming a part of their role, but for many the use of social media for business isn’t necessarily clear. Jennifer Corcoran from mysuperconnector, gives us some of her tips to give you a head start if you have been thrown into the role. 

Chances are, if you have a business, you have a Facebook business page. They’re quick to set up, low cost and are on a familiar platform that’s so easy to use. 

Facebook business pages can be powerful. But only if they’re well-built, well-managed and well-used. I see too many examples where great businesses and solopreneurs just don’t make the most of their Facebook business pages. Enough is enough! Work your way through this list and start improving you Facebook business page immediately. 

1. Update Your Profile Picture

This must clearly represent you and your business. You are the brand, so you are the first thing your audience needs to see. Use your logo if your page is for a company or if you’re not a person-based brand. 

4 Killer Profile Picture Tips: 

  • Use a clear & bright photo that focuses on your face. It should be cropped around your face – someone looking at your page on their phone won’t recognise you in a long shot. 
  • Use a solo shot. A selfie or cropped group shot isn’t professional and won’t help build the trust or likeability you need to be successful. 
  • Can’t afford a professional photographer? Don’t worry about it, few start-ups can. Beg, borrow or buy a tripod and a camera with a timer, or get a talented friend to take a photo of you. 
  • Get feedback. Check out www.photofeeler for candid feedback on your shot. 

2. Get Creative With Your Cover Photo

Your cover photo is a free billboard; you won’t get this much free advertising space anywhere else! Use it to showcase your personality, your brand and your business. Not using it is a missed opportunity. 

3 Ways To Make More Of Your Cover Photo:

  • Think clever. Do you have an amazing opt-in? Then use a strong call to action on your photo and use your button to direct people to your site. 
  • Take a fresh look. Would a visitor be able to tell you offer? Be honest with yourself! If it’s not clear then work on it. 
  • Do you live with a graphic designer? If not, make friends with Canva. This super-simple “drag & drop” program makes placing text, logos & illustrations a piece of cake. You’ll have a professional cover photo in no time at all! 

3. Welcome Your Visitors 

Use a photo or video to give people an idea of what they can expect on your page. Pin it to the top of the page as a welcome post so all visitors see it! 

4. Update Your Contact Details

Are your contact details up to date? If not, change them now…yes; right now. And make sure your website, other social channels, phone numbers and location are included if this is relevant to your business. 

You only have 155 characters, so use your “about section” carefully; it’s a lot less than you might think! A good example would be “helping female entrepreneurs to share their greatness with the world. Make your social media work for you…”

5. Link Your Business Page To Your Personal Profile. 

This helps you expand your business page’s reach, especially if you engage in groups. People are naturally curious, and will check our your profile – they’ll see your business page and may click through. 

Just click on the “about” and “work” sections, add your details and you’re done! 

6. Make You Button Work Harder. 

Are you collecting leads with your button? If not, you’re missing out! 

Using your button to collect leads is the best way to make you page work for you. Sign up, Book now and shop now are the most popular options for entrepreneurs. The learn more button is a great option for other actions. I believe the “sign up” button is the best – it gives commitment-shy potential clients the chance to sample your business, giving you the chance to increase your enagagement with them. 

You can use your sign-up button as the call to action from your cover photo. Simply channel your clicks to your opt-in page; this adds new contacts to your email list and your sales funnel. Bingo!

7. Set Up A Facebook Vanity URL

A Vanity URL is simply a URL which incorporates your business or brand name. Visit www.facebook.com/username and then click on “select a username”. Pick your page from the drop down list and enter your chosen name. Sadly brand new pages can’t set up a vanity URL straightaway – you need 25 likes to use this functionality.

8. Use Original Images

High quality photography and well styled images make all the difference, you will look a lot more professional. Check out my free stock photography listing (you get this when you subscribe to my site) and let your creative juices flow.

9. Make The Most Of Your Tabs

Thanks to some recent changes, there are now many more Facebook tab options for you to work with. It’s easy to edit your tabs – go to “settings”, “edit page” and you’ll see the different options available. You’ll notice there are lots of standard tabs – the most useful will probably be “book an appointment”, “services”, “shop” or “offers”. Facebook provides these tabs to send visitors directly to your products or services.

You really make your Facebook page work hard for you by using Apps and integrations on your page. If you use something like MailChimp for your emails or opt-in, then add it as a tab to start collecting leads. Here’s how…

  • Search the name of your provider and then select apps.
  • Click the “use now” button and add it to your Facebook page.
  • Go back to your page settings (apps) and click “go to app”.
  • Configure the app by connecting your account.
  • Go to “edit settings” and change the name of the new tab to suit your page. How about “subscribe now”, “book now” or “schedule an appointment”? The world is your oyster!

 10. Save Content To Repost

How many times have you seen something amazing that you want to share but been unable to because you’ve been in a rush or because it’s just not convenient? You can save incredible content from other pages to your personal saved tab and then use this as content on your business page. Simply click on the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of the post and select “save”.

When you want saved posts, just click on the “saved” link in the left-hand column of your personal profile home page. You should be able to see it under the “Explore” heading.

11. Know Your Audience

Research your audience and you’ll be able to post content that’s more relevant, which does wonders for your engagement.  Facebook graph search is a fantastic tool at helping you research your target audience. Some useful items to type into the search bar are:

  • Pages liked by people who like [your Facebook Page)
  • Posts liked by people who like [your Facebook Page]
  • Friends of my friends who like [your Facebook Page]
  • Pages liked by [occupation of your dream client]

 12. Friday? Fri-yay

It’s official, we’re all happier on Fridays; Facebook’s happiness index says so. We’re all 10% happier on Fridays, so make the most of this and encourage more engagement on this most cheerful of days.

13. Make The Most Of Instagram Sharing

Here’s a fact: Facebook prioritises Instagram shots above images directly uploaded to Facebook. So, link in your Instagram account and see your engagement soar!

14. Check Out Your Page Insights

Get a better idea of the type of content that’s working best for you, and when your most effective posting times are. Click on the word “insights” at the top of the page and you’ll see your insights summary. Use this information to help you plan your future posts.

15. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

Decide on a sharing plan and stick to it. It’s better to share less and be consistent than to be silent for a fortnight and then appear quite spammy.

16. Use Emoticons

Using these cheerful little fellas in posts has been found to increase comments and shares by 33% and likes by 57%! I like to add mine in with my iPhone once I’ve posted the original.

17. Ask Around

Your followers will love you even more if you value their opinion. Ask your visitors to vote between two options using the like and share buttons. I did this a lot when deciding on my new logo. This sort of engagement really helps people buy into you, your business and your product, and creates a stronger attachment.

18. Use Facebook Events

These are a brilliant way of expanding your online presence. Whether your event is virtual or face to face, Facebook Events will send out invitations and reminders, giving you content with very little effort, and helping extend your event beyond the date and location alone.

Have You Any Other Top Tips To Add?

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