Do You Prefer Office Working?

Tips and tricks to help you work more effectively from home is something you may have seen us discuss before, especially as flexible working is becoming more common and has been cited as a key factor when choosing an employer. 

Business communications company Maintel recently conducted a survey to explore employee work preferences amongst different generations. They polled employed adults in the UK aged 18 years and over and found that workers under 35 years old were more likely to feel productive when working from an office, compared to just 19% of those over 55 years. 

The results showed that 25% found when they worked remotely it was difficult to get hold of their managers and colleagues. As such, this could reflect a preference for younger workers whom want more face-to-face support of experienced co-workers. Other potential reasons for this preference were the social aspects of office life, including the fact their working would be more “visible” to their colleagues. On the other hand older employees stated that remote working allowed them to be generally more efficient with their time because they had responsibilities at home. 

Rufus Grig (Maintel Chief Executive Officer) commented these results indicate a blanket approach could not be taken to staff management, nor should a company enforce either office or at home work. Instead it should be flexible to allow those to work where they feel most productive. He believes that through this approach, businesses would likely see a boost in employee performance, recruitment and retention. 

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