The week commencing 18th September saw #EventWell17.

The week was the Event Industry’s first official national well-being week, following a survey which found that a career as an event co-ordinator was cited the fifth most stressful job in the UK.

The HSE define work-related stress as a “harmful reaction that people have to endure pressures and demands placed on them at work”. It is reported that 1.3 million people have suffered from workplace stress, whereby 45% of lost work days have been attributed to stress. 

Although being highlighted considerably more, there remains a stigma. A study revealed 24.5% felt the need to keep the fact they were stressed to themselves. Nonetheless, long term stress can lead to physical health problems and so employers should take addressing incidences of stress seriously. 

The IAM has been a supporter of many other national weeks around stress and well-being and with many administrative professionals increasingly being asked to organise events as part of their role, we wanted to show our support for EventWell (You can see other EventWell supporters here). 

You might be interested in some of the pieces we made available in support for the week

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