Have You Ever Done A Personal SWOT Analysis?

Author- IAM Team

A personal SWOT analysis is where you do a self-assessment to determine whether you are using your skills, talents and knowledge to the absolute fullest. 


What are your good points? Think about what you are good at. It can be anything from skills, education, knowledge or experience. Consider why your skills are good, and how they can be better than someone else. Knowing what makes you an advantage over others will be great in knowing which career path to take. 


As well as knowing your good points, also consider your weak points. What can you improve on? These can be anything from your confidence during presentations, your time management, or simply just keeping yourself organised and on top of your workload. By doing this, you are identifying ways of improvement and controlling how others will perceive you. 


Seek an opportunity. If someone is leaving the company and their position is going, do you apply for it? If an organisations is expanding, do you look into the roles they will be recruiting for? Has a recruiter messaged you for a position in another company? Do you find ways of improving the way something is done? Seeking an opportunity is a great step up in making positive changes, challenging yourself and improving your knowledge and skills. 


Identify what is in your way. A number of factors can contribute to the threats. This can include an employee at work completing for the same position you want, if your workload is realistically manageable, whether a change in the organisations circumstances would affect your role, or if your weaknesses are so bad they cause a threat to your job or chances of progression.

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