Most Wanted!

By 2020, the most desirable employee benefit will be flexible working, revealed a study from salary sacrifice scheme provider Grass Roots (The future of work research). Over 1000 employees were asked about which workplace benefits are most likely to be important to them in the future. Almost half (49%) were hoping to achieve a better work/life balance in the future with two thirds looking for the freedom to work whenever and from wherever they want or to have some degree of flexibility within a fixed working period. 

“It’s clear that the workforce is keen to move away from the 9 to 5 culture as they don’t want to be chained to a desk every day and instead move towards being able to work in a way that better suits their home life” says Stephen Holt, commercial director at Grass Roots. “Organisations should now take steps to address their current working practices and assess the realities of offering staff the ability to work more flexibly. The ability to offer staff this perk could have a significant impact on staff morale and also aid staff recruitment and retention”. 

Other coveted benefits on the wish list included more team building experiences, the ability to work from home, education funding for advancement of learning and stress counselling. 


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