What Am I Missing?

– Author: IAM Team

It is very easy to come up with an idea, neglecting the thought process of how you’re going to get there. It is the same when starting a new project, getting embroiled with the proposed outcomes and not how you’re actually going to achieve it. Conversely, you being given an outcome to achieve, but with little clarity of the logistics and detail. 

Whether you are a detail person or not, one way to structure your thought process and manage a project, it to use a gap analysis which looks at the “current state vs future state”. 

A gap analysis allows you to look at what needs to be done, before you decide what the best strategies are moving forward. Gaps can be in the form of people, processes or technology. 

To write a gap analysis you need to: 


What do you want the outcome to be? e.g. ensure clinic letters are out within 10 days from appointment? 

Outline what your current situation is

Who do I need to speak to to get the full picture? Where can I get information? Documents/workshops/meetings e.g. currently 30% of clinic letters are sent within 10 days. 

Write down what you can do to bridge the gap between the two 

For example, discuss a dictation system. Agree a checking system from clinicians so this doesn’t hold up the process. Recruit extra resource. 

If you are presenting your gap analysis, for example, perhaps you are a manager disseminating information, make sure you put an appropriate amount of information in. Too much information could overwhelm, whilst too little information could cause confusion. 

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