Would You Describe Yourself As A Good Manager?

Author: IAM Team. 

Management is not a role for everyone. It can be very challenging and you must possess a number of skills in order to carry out your properly. It can be easy telling someone what to do, but would you actually class yourself as a good manager? 

The role of a manager and the skills required can vary depending on the level and size of an organisation. A good manager will have a variety of responsibilities such as, delagating, project management, business regulation, people management, development, improvements, information management and budgeting. 

However, ask yourself, how are you with your team? Do you tell your team what to do, or do you tell them what to do and explain why they have to do it? Engaging with your team is vital in management instead of just giving orders. Sure, it can be stressful managing a team, large workload, demands from the boss, however neglecting your workforce can be detrimental. 

It is proven that demotivation of employees can be as a result of their manager. Factors which can contribute towards this lack of motivation include: 

  • Being unapproachable
  • Always criticising 
  • Not appreciating or praising good work 
  • Not listening 
  • Speaking rudely or loudly 
  • Taking side, being unfair 
  • Lack of communication 
  • Airing mistakes to others 

Do you do any of these?

A reflection on the way you act can really be an eye opener. Changes in behaviour and attitude towards your team can really create a positive impact. It’s down the recognising whether really, you are a good manager, or a great one.


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