• To work within the legislative framework for the response and management of responses.

  • Maintain effective communication and response protocols.

  • To assess any risks and identify options for stakeholders

  • To maintain the effective and immediate mobilisation of assets and provide a suitable risk-based response to incidents.

  • To ensure and maintain the health and safety of staff, patient, public and other partner agencies

  • To maintain relationships with stakeholders through effective communication strategies.

  • To maintain business as usual where possible and to continue to execute the mission to provide a professional and flexible service which reduces business risk in order to maintain business operations at the highest efficiency.

  • To engage fully with operational, strategic and legal requirements to create an effective and fully compliant service.

Our rescue teams are highly trained, confined space and working at height rescue experts, all qualified as either rescue team leaders or rescue operatives. They are all directly employed by ER Systems as we passionately believe in employing the right people for the role. They have real-life skills and expertise in working in hazardous environments. Assignments can be scheduled for day shifts, or to include day and night shifts operating 24/7 to include weekends for short, medium or long-term requirements.

When delivering services, our primary concern is for the safety of our teams and the teams of the organisations we support. Therefore, we are highly demanding when providing initial training and then proving ongoing competence, and we have a comprehensive competence management system, supported by regulated qualifications, with knowledge skills and behaviours being periodically reviewed and refreshed.

We are a company that combines the specialist skills from a variety of professionals to provide a quality driven service. Our teams will always include at least one nationally registered paramedic, who is rescue trained and equipped with the same medicines and equipment that is found within the National Health Service. Additionally, our specialist rescue vehicles also carry a large range of technical rescue equipment so that our teams are fully equipped and prepared to deal with any rescue scenario or medical emergency that may develop.